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There are five of us in the family, my wife Tammy and our three sons, Danton, Dalton and Dagon. Tammy and I moved to Nacogdoches and opened Blank & Co. Restaurant, a burger, steak and seafood joint, with my mother Barbara from 1988 to 2002,. In 1990 we opened Yahmoz Happening Café and Wet Spot with a good friend Rick Gerek. Yahmoz was a bar, pool hall and live music venue. We closed Yahmoz in 1996.

Our family loves food, loves cooking and eating what we make and sharing the fare with our friends and others. Our philosophy, now as it was with our previous businesses, is create a quality product from quality ingredients and take care and pride in the production and presentation of that product. We knew we wanted to start another family business and it needed to involve food but not a restaurant, been there done that. We knew it needed to be called Blank & Son’s.

So why beef jerky? Well quite simply it is a snack that we enjoy eating. Our beef jerky has a unique bold flavor that you will not find on store shelves today. It is hand made in small batches, not mass produced which allows us to maintain our quality and consistency. The Blank name is on it so we want to make damn sure it is good. As our business grows we will add other products to our line.

The Blank family would like to thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our beef jerky.

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